The nutritional and hourly oversized rate is:

  • 3 MEALS12,00 zł 2 MEALS – 9,60zł 1 MEAL – 6,00zł                 
  • The hourly rate for the stay is charged between 6 00 and 800 and 1300 and 1700 and amounts to – PLN 1 for each commenced hour of stay.


  • Payments for the kindergarten are taken in arrears, i.e. you will pay for January only in February, after the appropriate calculation of fees.
  • You will receive a printout with fees by the 5th (working) day of each month and will be available for collection in a group. The print should be signed legibly (with the whole name and surname) and enter the date of receipt of the information.
  • Fees for stay and meals are also visible in the electronic diary, after charging up to 5 – this (working) day of each month.
  • Payments for food and stay should be made by the 15th day of each month to the bank account number: 20 1240 1037 1111 0011 0912 1894
  • The title of the transfer must include: Surname and first name of the child, group number, month for which the payment is made, e.g. Kowalski Jan, Gr. II, for I /2022.