We would like to kindly inform you that on September 1, 2022, the kindergarten launches all classes and accepts all children in accordance with the recruitment for the school year 2022/2023, taking into account the special safety rules contained in the recommendations of MEiN and GIS.  

The kindergarten is open from hours. 6.00 to 17.00

Please read the "Regulations for bringing, collecting and staying children in the Municipal Kindergarten No. 94", download "Information on the rules of using the services provided by the kindergarten", and "Authorizations to collect the child", fill them in and deliver them to the institution on the first day of the child's stay in the kindergarten. 

We also remind you of the obligation to provide original recruitment documents (application and attachments).

Information-enrollment-of-child-to-kindergarten-22-23 (AGREEMENT)


Regulations for bringing, collecting and staying a child in a kindergarten

Dear Parent:

When dressing a child for kindergarten, it should be remembered,
to provide him with a comfortable outfit that makes it easier to change clothes
(shorts and skirts preferably on an elastic band).
Footwear should be safe and easy to put on.
For safety reasons, please also do not wear jewelry to children.