About us

Municipal Kindergarten No. 94 is located in the building of the School and Preschool Complex No. 6 at ul. Janosika 136 in Łódź.
In the immediate vicinity of the kindergarten there is a pond, single-family houses with gardens and green areas: allotment gardens, meadows, forest and a housing estate park.

The concept of kindergarten assumes introducing children to the world of values, among which the most important are acceptance, respect, tolerance, responsibility, independence, freedom, creativity, safety, reliability, initiative and perseverance.

By organizing the educational and caring process, we try to provide each child with a comprehensive and harmonious development to the extent of his or her abilities, needs, interests and abilities.

The kindergarten promotes pro-ecological attitudes, participation in pro-health and pro-ecological actions and programs.

We offer tasty and healthy meals prepared in the kindergarten kitchen.

We cordially invite you to our kindergarten